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Shinko Aluminum Wire Co.,Ltd.
2153-1,Hishiki 2cho,.Nishi-ku, Sakai, Osaka, 593-8315, Japan
・Manufacturing Industry
・Production of the Aluminum wires
  • 神鋼アルミ線材株式会社
Shinko Aluminum Wire Co.,Ltd. A member of the KOBELCO (Kobe Steel) Group, Has played a significant role in innovative development of aluminum for over half a century.
We are the only manufacturer in Japan, which produces unique aluminum alloy wire and bar manufactured by rolling billets.This unique method by hot rolling produces an ultra-fine and highly uniform internal structure to ensure finished products have far fewer defects.This unique expertise gains us high recommendation from our customers who require complicated consistent processing, including cold forging or precision cutting.
In parallel with this, the use of billets, which have been created through innovative alloy development and high level of melting and casting expertise inherent in Kobe Steel, has supported a supply of optimum materials for multiple applications.
We are moving ever forward towards a challenging future, striving to develop more advanced products, by applying our spirit of creation and challenge to further enhance our acquired proficiency through all level of business.


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